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Sure Grip Hand Controls and Spinner Knob shown

Sure Grip Hand Controls

Access Mobility Equipment provides Sure Grip Hand Controls manufactured to the highest standards in the industry by Howell Ventures. Howell Ventures understands the importance of quality and design because Mr. Howell is a spinal cord injury victim himself.

Quality Certified Installers

Think about it, your hand controls are your link to your vehicle, much like your wheelchair or mobility device might be your link to being mobile in the world. How important is that to you? Also, think about this, your hand controls are your link to being able to operate your vehicle safely. At Access Mobility Equipment, we take this very seriously. We are certified and insured professionals that are committed to keeping you, not only able to drive, but to keep others on the road around you safe also.

Our installation technicians are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Master Technicians. Why is this important you  may ask? When a technician is installing hand controls, he is engaged in the dis-assembly of your steering column and dash board area. Today’s vehicle are “packed full” or wiring harnesses, airbag sensors, airbag deployment areas and components that allow your vehicle to function, electronically. Failure to re-install this equipment correctly can cause a lot more problems than most people realize.

Our installers lead the industry in our area of Virginia as a Certified Sure Grip Hand Control Installers. Installation team brings over 100+ combined years of vehicle modification experience customizing vehicles. Our installation team has a unique talent for modifying and adapting vehicles, while having them “look factory original” which is unmatched in our hand control and disability modified vehicle industry.  Put our vast experience in preventative and corrective vehicle maintenance, as well as our ability to fabricate and make modifications to factory vehicles to work for you.   We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Types of Hand Controls
Access Mobility Equipment offers all four types of hand controls primarily used today for most clients and vehicles:

PUSH-ROCK Hand Controls:
This video shows the mechanics of pushing forward for brake, and rocking over/back for gas. Click on the play symbol to view.

This video shows the mechanics of pushing forward for brake, and pulling down right angle for gas. Click on the play symbol to view.

PUSH-PULL Hand Controls:
This viedo shows the mechanics of pushing foward for brake, and pulling backwards for has. Click on the play symbol to view.

PUSH-TWIST Hand Controls:
This video shows the mechanics of pushing forward for brake, and twisting (like a motorcycle throttle) for gas. Click on the play symbol to view.

Access Mobility Equipment REQUIRES all hand control customers to purchase hand controls that are equipped with “Electronic Auto Lock“. If a customer chooses to purchase hand controls without Electronic Auto Lock, that is your choice, but you will be required to sign a waiver of liability. Click on the play symbol to learn more about why we have chosen to “take this high road” for your safety and the safety of others.


Sure Grip Spinner Knob Steering Wheel

Sure Grip Spin Master Spinner Knob

Spin Master

Spin Master Spinner Knob

Available in your choice of three colors:

  • Black (A600)
  • Grey (A602)
  • Wood-Grain (A601)

With Spin Master’s innovative, clamshell design, one size fits allsteering wheels.

Unlike other spinner knobs on the market, the design will leave no permanent damage to your steering wheel.

Spin Master adds a quick-release function – remove and refit at the touch of a button!

Additional User Benefits:

  • Spin Master is snugly fitted with two quality free-running ball racers
  • With its super clamping jaws, the spinner knob should not move once fitted
  • Due to its unique clamshell design, Spin Master provides a 3” clamping surface
  • Components are made from the same material used by mining companies for heavy-duty applications
  • Spin Master offers special leather grain etching to the knob section allowing it to match vehicle interiors
  • Australian engineered, the Spin Master is the most revolutionary spinner knob to hit the industry


Sure Grip Left Foot Gas Pedal

Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator

Left Foot Accelerator with Electronic AutoLock

Get back in the Game…

Reduced Liability

Sure Grip’s new Left Foot Accelerator with electronic AutoLockwas developed to limit if not eliminate your liability. By all but eliminating any chance the device can be used by anyone other than the intended user.


Sure Grip’s unique 15 second activation window only allows the accelerator to be activated for 15 seconds after vehicles start up. The accelerator will not engage after 15 seconds without a restart of the engine.


Sure Grip’s new accelerator is permanently mounted, eliminating the need for removal of the device to prevent unwanted usage. The accelerator mounts from above, and no longer requiring holes to be drilled in the floor of your clients vehicle. The OEM accelerator is manipulated via simple cable system.

Smart Design

The new Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator is constructed from rugged plastics and aluminum allowing for a light weight device. The overall unit is dramatically reduced in size versus tradition removable accelerators, all parts of the incredible smooth and sensitive pedal feel.

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