Promenaid hand rails for seniors allow for safety hand rails to be installed in any area of the home. | Access Mobility Equipment

Promenaid Hand Rail System

The Promenaid Hand Rail System can be installed on any wall or surface, in any room, indoors or outdoors. There is no other product of it’s kind. Think of the Promenaid Hand Rail System in terms of something that everyone (with mobility or walking challenges) should have in their home. It is much more wise to install these hand rails before a fall or injury, very much like it is more wise to have a smoke detector before a fire rather than after.

Access Mobility Equipment can install a custom handrail system for you that can go upstairs and around corners. The Promenaid Hand Rail System can be installed in teh bathroom so that you have a continous hand rail on every wall. We can even install a Promenaid Hand Rail System that goes outside of your home and all the way to your car door or driveway. There is no limit to the custom hand rail system by Promenaid when installed by Access Mobility Equipment.

We can even install custom LED lighting to make your Promenaid a well lit handrail that gives you both physical and visual stability.

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As you can see, the Promenaid Hand Rail System from Access Mobility Equipment is a very stylish product that will look great in your home and it has no limits on where is can be installed.

Not sure a Promenaid Hand Rail System is the right solution or a good idea, read about this fall and prevention study from the World Health Organization (WHO):

WHO Study Epidemiology of falls in older age

What exactly is “Aging in Place?”
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