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Considering a Scoota Trailer Vs a Hitch Mount Wheelchair Lift

In comparing a Scoota Trailer to a hitch mounted lift or carrier, you should consider the following facts:

1) I sell hitch mounted lifts, just as well as I do Scoota Trailer. So, I am not biased against them and I make about the same profit on both. This is not intended as a sales pitch. If you want a lift instead, I’ll sell you one at an excellent price. 

2) A hitch mounted lift allows a lot of bounce and wiggle to your scooter. The electronics and frame of the scooter don’t hold up as well riding a lift.  Scoota Trailer has a suspension axle and provides a much more smooth ride. 

3) Because you do not want the lift platform to hold water like a pan when then scooter is on it, the floor/platform of the lift has a mesh floor. Rain, snow, ice, and road grime will collect on the bottom of your scooter. This is also bad. (think of how dirty rear door or trunk gets on dusty road – same thing only the lift and scooter catches all the grime.  A Scoota Trailer has a solid floor. 

4) Scoota Trailer when purchased with the optional lid cover, provides total weather proof protection. It can also be locked for security. 

5)  If you purchase Scoota Trailer without the lid, I’ll provide you with a free weather cover for your scooter. If you purchase a vehicle lift from me, I’ll still provide you a free weather cover. 

6)  Scoota Trailer can be left at home. If you don’t want to take your scooter with you one day, the trailer can easily be detached and left parked. A vehicle lift is bolted in place and very heavy. This is a 2+ person task. 

7)  An open Scoota Trailer Vs a hitch mounted lift is much closer in price, especially when you consider the trailer benefits possibly saving the life of your mobility scooter. 

8) The main difference in price is in the lid, but since a hitch mounted lift can never have a true weather proof lid, that’s not a fair comparison. However, the lid is a very wise investment.

As you can see, comparing Scoota Trailer to a hitch mounted lift does have several points to consider. This is a good example of a case of “you get what you pay for”.  Either is a solution that I am willing to help you with. My job here is not to push you to buy either one, but I do want you to be a happy customer regardless of which product I sell to you. 

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have questions. 

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