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Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts?

Ask any reputable provider in the stair lift industry and they’ll admit this is a question that we answer almost every week. As stair lifts are becoming more and more popular, there’s a growing number of people that want to know if Medicare will cover all or part of the expense.

Here at Access Mobility Equipment, we do have several alternatives to help make some stair lifts more affordable. But, unfortunately Medicare does not cover stair lift chairs.

Many well intentioned people want to know “why does Medicare not cover stair lifts?”. Quite honestly, there are several reasons:

  • Stair Lifts are not considered, approved or classified as “durable medical equipment”
  • Stair Lifts are not easily or routinely rented and moved from one recycling customer to another
  • Medicare only covers items that are “medically necessary inside the home”.

Beware, there are some fairly large companies that like to tell customers that Medicare will reimburse the customer after the customer purchases the lift. This is untrue. Do not purchase a stair lift assuming some agency is going to cover your cost.

There are some very rare cases where state Medicaid programs have waiver programs set up for certain elderly patients and certain disabled children. This is definitely the exception rather than the rule. These cases are very rare.

Access Mobility Equipment has stair lifts available at affordable options. We have economy stair lifts, used stair lifts, and factory reconditioned stair lifts. We can help you get a stair lift installed without busting your budget.

Call us today to have your free home evaluation and pricing quote. There’s no obligation and we’d love to help.

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