Dry, Secure, Enclosed Trailer for Powered Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Access Mobility Equipment is pleased to present to you, The Scoota Trailer.

Today’s powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters are being made larger and heavier to accomodate larger batteries, larger users, and for added user comfort. That is great while you are using the scooter or electric wheelchair. But if you have a smaller car or vehicle with a lower tongue weight rating for a hitch, you find yourself unable to take your chair with you when you go on outtings.

The answer to this problem is The Scoota Trailer.

Scoota Trailer is a specialized trailer designed specifically for this purpose. Your Scoota Trailer will allow you to take your chair with you anywhere you go. It will provide the absolute best transport solution for your chair because it will protect it from vibration, shaking, weather, theft, and it is very easy to use. Scoota Trailer is so lightweight that once disconnected from your vehicle, it can be pushed with one hand using the flip down jack stand with swivel caster wheel.

Every Scoota Trailer is hand crafted in the factory with over 30 years of custom trailer building experience. Each weld is inspected for quality. Every detail is checked. Your Scoota Trailer comes with a warranty and we will service it at your location for your lifetime in the unlikely event you should need service or repair.

Your Scoota Trailer will have a gas strut assisted rear loading ramp so that you will be able to raise and lower the loading ramp with one hand, or foot. Once you get the ramp in motion, the assisted ramp will continue to raise and lower itself.

Each Scoota Trailer is constructed with a Torflex torsion axle. This type of axle provides excellent shock absorbtion and a smooth ride. This may not sound like a big deal but it is very important to the life expectancy of the electronics of your powered wheelchair or mobility scooters. These devices have electronic control modules to control speed, turning, breaking, etc. When they bounce and vibrate on the back of an unsupported vehicle lift, we see a lot of related repairs.

The floor of Scoota Trailer is covered with two tracks of no-skid material. You will maintain your footing and your chair or scooter will sit still on this material. A sprayed in rubberized liner is also available for the ultimate protection of the inside of the trailer.

There are six tie down hook locations for the two included “never tangle” rope straps. These round rope straps will never tangle. They tighten and loosen with minimal strength of one hand.

Scoota Trailers require that your vehicle only have the minimum class I trailer hitch with a 2″ ball. We can arrange to sell and install your trailer hitch for you if you would like. Our trailer coupler comes with a lock for security so no one can steal or disconnect your trailer.

The optional spare tire is full size and mounted to the side of the trailer. It is always with you and gives you peace of mind that in the event of a flat tire, you will be back on the road in a few moments. The spare tire also comes with an attractive cover. At Access Mobility Equipment, we always provide your spare tire and cover for FREE with the purchase of your trailer, a $240 value.

The optional lightweight aluminum diamond plate cover will keep your chair dry because it is 100% water proof. The lid opens and closes easily with hydraulic assisted struts. Once closed, you are able to physically lock the lid closed which makes your chair secure against theft. If you choose not to add and purchase the lid, that is okay too. We’ll provide you with a free heavy duty weather cover to give your chair protection against the elements. While not as good as the closed lid, it will at least provide your chair some protection without additional cost.

Because Scoota Trailers are hand crafted to order, we can complete some customizations of your trailer – do you have a chair with a taller headrest? No problem, we have options available for a taller inside height of the lid to accomodate.

All Scoota Trailers come completely ready for your legal use on the highways and public roads. The trailer can be pulled at full regular speed while loaded. It will have a complete lighting package that includes running, brake, turn signals, and a licence plate light. Each trailer comes with its own unigue “Certificate of Origin”, just like a new car. This is the document that you need to take to the department of motor vehicles in your state to obtain your title and tags if required (some states require title, or tags, or both – some neither).

Give us a call today so that we can discuss the details of your Scoota Trailer. Basic Scoota Trailer pricing starts on the lower end around $2600. The size of your trailer, which options you choose or require, and the size of your mobility device all effect the pricing of the trailer. We’ll need to speak to you directly to give you an exact price. We provide absolute personal customer service and we will not ask you to check out online or deal with a computer to place your order for you.

Our main office is in Virginia and we have another in South Carolina. We service Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Virginia office: (540)288-4905
South Carolina office: (843)628-7879
Toll Free at (866)717-0808

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Please feel free to call with any questions. We look forward to assisting you stay mobile with your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. Dont stay home, Scoota Trailer.

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