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How to select a Walk-In Bathtub or Shower Provider

Walk-In Bathtub Reviews for Disabled Seniors






Purchasing a walk-in bathtub or shower is a big undertaking. You are likely at a point in your life where you have reazlized that you need to make some changes at home in order to stay living independently in your home. The ability to independently bathe and maintain hygeine is of huge importance when deciding whether or not you are able to still live at home independently. At Access Mobility Equipment, we want you to be able to stay living in your own home that you love and avoid the scenario of being forced to move to an assisted living or healthcare facility. That’s why we’ve created this blog to help you learn more about walk-in bathtubs and showers.

This is a step-by-step guide to selecting the most appropriate walk-in bathtub or shower.

Step 1:
Determine your needs and wants.
Decide if you want a walk-in bathtub, or a barrier free shower.

Walk-in bathtubs typically fit easily in the space where your old tub comes out, so there is minimal structural change. Walk-in bathtubs can have features such as water jets (hydrotherapy), air massage jets, “mood lighting” for relaxation (chromotherapy), and scents for relaxation (aromatherapy). You may want or need only some of these features, none of them, or all of them – the choice is yours. Other features to consider area speed drain feature, neck pillow, hand held shower, etc.

Barrier free showers are equally as accessible because they have virutally no step to get over walking into the shower. Barrier free showers are preferred by people that do not necessarily want to take a bath and have the ability and stability on thier feet to shower. Some barrier free showers have a bench or seat in them – either a fold down seat, or a molded seat that is a part of the barrier free shower set. Showers obviously do not have the features of hydrotherapy, air massage, etc because they do not hold a volume of water.

Step 2:
Invite a Supplier to give you a Quote.
Make contact with a supplier that can provide the tub, installation, and service that you need. You should select a company that has the ability to provide turn-key service including your evaluation, quote, installation, and service after the sale preferrably all with their own employees without the use of sub-contractors. There are a few very large well known tub companies out there that will charge you a ton of money for a tub and then allow the lowest bidding independent contractor to install it for them. This isnt a good recipe because the contractor has no accountability to complete your job to your standards and your are left with basically no one to provide you “service after the sale” should there be a repair need. Also, it is best to purchase your tub from a dealer that has a selection of a few brands of tubs. A dealer or company that only sells one brand or model of tub is unable to give you freedom of choice between brands, features, etc. Obviously if they only sell one brand, they are going to tell you that their brand is best without allowing comparison shopping.

Note: If you have a quote of more than $10,000.00 from a company like SafeStep, Jacuzzi, or Premier Care ….. you do not need to pay that much and you need to call Access Mobility Equipment for a much more reasonable quote and learn about our committment to better service.

Step 3:
Relax and make a good decision.
Take your time and select the right dealer. Access Mobility Equipment is committed to providing you with the very best walk-in bathtub or shower purhcase and installation experience. Our installation crew has over 50 years combined experience in general contracting services as required to install a walk-in bathtub or shower … such as framing carpentry, plumbing, electrical, paint, tile, and flooring, etc. We will transform your bathroom into an awesome oasis that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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