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EZ Access Pathway Modular Ramps

EZ Access Pathway Modular Ramp
EZ Access Pathway Modular Ramp

Why EZ Access Modular Ramps?:
EZ Access has been a leader in the wheelchair and ramp access business for over 30 years. At Access Mobility Equipment, our owner has been involved in the purchase, sale, and installation of EZ Access modular and portable ramps for over 20 years. We know that the quality and workmanship in the products coming from EZ Access is second to none.

  • EZ Access ramps are 100% manufacturerd in the USA
  • EZ Access Pathway Modular Ramps have a lifetime warranty
  • 850 pound weight capacity, per section of ramp
  • Slip resistant solid ramp surface 36″ or 48″ wide ramp
  • Continuous smooth handrail surfaces

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    Aluminum Vs. Wood Comparison
    We build and sell almost all of our wheelchair and accessible ramps from EZ Access Pathway Aluminum because it is a much better choice for the lifetime of ownership as long as you have the ramp.

  • Building Permits: Because the EZ Access Pathway Ramp requires no permanent concrete footers or structural change to your residence for attachment, building permits are not typically rquired in most jurisdictions. When buildilng a ramp from wood, there are footers and structural attachment modifications requiring permits and inspections. The EZ Access Pathway is the better choice
  • Maintenance: The EZ Access Pathway is made of aluminum which will never rust or decay and it requires virutally no ongoing yearly maintenance. Wooden ramps have to be cleaned, sealed, or stained regularly which adds to the headache and cost of owning a wooden ramp. The EZ Access Pathway is the better choice.
  • Home Value: Since the EZ Access Pathway doesn’t require permanent footers and structural changes, it can be very easily removed. Wooden ramps that are permanent are proven to decrease home property appraisal values because most new home buyers are not looking for a home with a wheelchair ramp for curvb appeal. The EZ Access Pathway is the better choice.
  • Resale Value: EZ Access Pathway ramps are modular. This means that sections can vbe added or subtracted from the ramp layout or design and it can be reused in another location that is the same or different. Once a wooden ramp is built, it cannot easily be changed or moved to another location. Wooden ramps have no resale value at all. The EZ Access Pathway is the better choice.
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