Scoota Trailer to Carry Quantam Q6 and Action Track Chairs 

There are two popular powered wheelchairs that are on the market today. They are awesome chairs and they are packed with features and abilities that people need. But, they are heavy and there are very few hitch mounted powered vehicle lifts that can carry these two chairs.

Try to find a vehicle lift or wheelchair carrier for a Pride Mobility Quantam Q6 or an Action Track Chair.  It’s nearly impossible.

Enter Scoota Trailer.

Scoota Trailer is a small enclosed trailer that is capable of carrying “VIRTUALLY ANY” powered wheelchair or scooter.  What’s even better news is that it is specially designed and constructed to be lightweight enough, and places so little weight on the tongue and hitch, that “VIRTUALLY ANY” vehicle can safely tow it.  Scoota Trailer can be towed at any highway speed by even a Smart Car or motorcycle.

Scoota Trailer is truly unique in that it is the only truly handicap accessible trailer for carrying powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Call us today so that we can explain how Scoota Trailer can give you independence with your mobility device.

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