Scoota Trailer Wheelchair Trailer

Access Mobility Equipment is a preferred stocking dealer for Scoota Trailer.    We even have a demo model of a Scoota Trailer in our showroom.   You can count on Access Mobility Equipment for the best price and best service while you purchase and own your new Scoota Trailer.

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Scoota Trailer is a prime example of the old cliche` “necessity is the mother of invention”.   Scoota Trailer allows people with small to mid sized vehicles to take their powered wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters with them on outtings wherever you may want to go.    Before Scoota Trailer, people that owned smaller vehicles, and even some mid-large size sedans could not take their powered wheelchairs and scooters with them.   These vehicles have lower tongue weight capacities, so they were unable to accept the popular hitch mounted lifts that you will notice on the back of so many vehicles on today’s highways.    With smaller cargo areas, chairs cant be loaded inside either.

Scoota Trailer is changing all of that.   Whether you have a compact, sub-compact, coupe, sports car, or even a tiny “Smart Car”, you can take your powered wheelchair or electric mobility scooter with you wherever you go.

Our Scoota Trailer only weighs about 285 pounds and has less than 75 pounds of tongue weight.   It can be safely and easily pulled by any vehicle.   The Scoota Trailer is approved for use on the highway as it is equipped with lighting, safety equipment, and even has its own VIN (vehicle identification number) and Certificate of Origin for your state’s department of motor vehicles to issue your tags and title.

Scoota Trailer is very easy to drive with. It tracks very straight and pulls easily with its TorFlex torsion suspension system. This not only reduces bouncing of the trailer, this also preserves the condition and reduces wear and tear on your scooter or wheelchair by giving it a smooth ride.

Loading your scooter or wheelchair is very easily because Scoota Trailer sits only 9″ off the ground and the rear loading ramp is assisted by a hydraulic strut. Most people can raise and lower the loading ramp with one hand. Simply guide your scooter or wheelchair up the ramp, and raise the ramp back up to close and you are ready to go.

Bad weather? No problem. Order your Scoota Trailer with the beautiful diamond plate aluminum lid and your scooter or wheelchair will never have to weather a storm. The lid is lightweight, aerodynamic and lifts easily with the hydraulic strut assistance. The lid has a water tight seal and can be locked to securely protect your scooter or wheelchair.

Scoota Trailer has 6 inside tie down locations to keep your scooter or wheelchair from moving. Two rope-pull tie downs are provided at no charge. These rope style tie downs will never tangle or twist adn there is no difficult ratchett to operate. Simply pull it tight and your scooter is secured.

Scoota Trailer is the most well equipped, and best built trailer for wheelchairs and scooters. There is no other trailer for scooters or wheelchairs made of this quality and style.

Contact Access Mobility Equipment today to obtain your price quote for Scoota Trailer. We offer discounts for veterans, prior/active military service, seniors, etc. Our pricing is not matched or beat by the competition because we also provide free shipping. Assembly of a Scoota Trailer is extremely easy and requires on 2-3 basic hand tools typically found in every household. Your Scoota Trailer is being built right now and can be to your door wihin just a few days. Call us today to get yours!

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