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Pride Silver Star Backpacker Plus Lift

Pride Silver Star Backpacker Plus Sale!

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Access Mobility Equipment reviews each and every vehicle lift purchase to make sure the lift will work with your vehicle and mobility product. Your order is placed for processing immediately, but you will receive a direct phone call from one of our experienced specialists to confirm your order details.

Professional installation for this product is available in most locations, and is always recommended.

Product Description

The Backpacker unit holds your scooter or power wheelchair inside your vehicle for safe keeping, and easily mounts to the existing floor latches when the rear seat is removed, so there are no holes to drill or modifications to your vehicle. And the battery pack means you don’t have to wire it to your car battery either. Just pop it in and go! The fully automatic single button lift operation means there is no work on your part…the lift moves outward, lowers to the ground, then moves up and into the vehicle entirely on its own. And now the Backpacker Plus features a manual override. Fits in most mini-vans. Please note that if you have one of the newer mini-vans with the third seat that folds into the floor, the Backpacker can still work with no drilling. It will require a modification kit that we can provide when you order.


  • Separation between existing floor couplings can be a maximum of 45″
  • Inside edge of door sill to outside edge of bumper can be a maximum of 13″
  • “Drop” from bottom edge of door to floor of vehicle can be a maximum of 4″
  • Inside edge of door sill to middle seats must be at least 42″
  • Newer model vehicles may require a securement kit, additional lead times will apply


Backpacker PLUS Step by Step - 10


Backpacker PLUS - LS Park 08

Backpacker PLUS - LS Park 02

Backpacker PLUS - LS Home 01



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