Freedom Wheelchair Trailer

Freedom Wheelchair Scoota Trailer

Do you have a heavy or large powered wheelchair?  Do you want to be able to take it with you despite the fact that your car is smaller and cannot accommodate a hitch mounted lift or carrier?  Worry no more! 

Introducing the Freedom Trailer from Access Mobility Equipment.  It’s called the Freedom Trailer because it absolutely does restore freedom to those needing to transport powered wheelchairs and scooters with a smaller vehicle. 

The Freedom Wheelchair Trailer is a stylish looking trailer with its black gloss frame and diamond plate trim throughout. 

The Freedom Wheelchair Trailer has a fold down ramp for easy access and loading or uploading a powered wheelchair or scooter. 

Every Freedom Wheelchair Trailer has a weather proof cargo box lined with carpet. This is a great place to store your free weather cover. We provide the cover so that you can keep your expensive powered wheelchair or scooter covered while it is on your trailer. 

The Freedom Wheelchair Trailer will carry virtually any powered wheelchair or scooter with its 400 pound weight capacity. 

The Freedom Wheelchair Trailer is easy to maneuver and pulls perfectly straight and effortlessly. If moving the trailer in your driveway or garage, that’s easy too since it only weighs 220 pounds. It rolls very easily. 

The Freedom Wheelchair Trailer can be pulled by any vehicle with any class hitch. The Freedom Wheelchair Trailer only places approximately 20 pounds of tongue weight on the hitch,  so even a small car with a class I hitch can easily pull it. We’ve even had Veterans with motorcycles take their wheelchairs or scooter with them behind their bikes! 

The Freedom Wheelchair Trailer has a torsion suspension axle for straight towing and eliminated bouncing. 

All Freedom Wheelchair Trailers come with a full and complete 5 year warranty for workmanship. The mild steel frame prevents breaks or broken welds while maintaining a lower weight and preventing rust possibilities. 

The best news is that the Freedom Wheelchair Trailer is available from Access Mobility Equipment in all 48 main United States with free shipping. 

As you can see and read here,  the Freedom Wheelchair and Scooter Trailer is the premier trailer for carrying powered wheelchairs and scooters.  Every trailer is hand made to order by skilled craftsman here in the USA.  A family owned business for many years,  Grand Lakes Fabricators has made equipment such motorcycle trailers,  wheelchair carrier platform lifts,  and even a handicap accessible lift for RVs and motor homes.  

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