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Handicap Access Lift for RV Motorhome

Handy Lift by Burr Engineering

Burr Handy Lift handicap wheelchair lift for RV motorhome
If you’re the kind of person who loves getting on the road and enjoying the outdoors as you move from one campsite to the next in your RV, then a motorhome/RV lift from Burr Mobile Lifts might just be the perfect solution for you! Your limited mobility doesn’t need to be as limiting as you think. You deserve a fun vacation with your friends and family, and with this technology there’s no reason why you can’t have one.

At Access Mobility, we choose to sell only top quality handicap accessible lifts from one manufacturer, Burr Engineering. Burr Engineering manufacturers two different types of rv lifts. Each product has different specifications, but both to the highest quality standards. Best of all, they are MADE IN THE USA!

Handy Lift LT

Reach new heights with the 300 lb capacity Handy-Lift LT, an all-new personal platform lift from Burr Engineering. With Handy-Lift, steps are no longer a problem when accessing your recreational vehicle! Like its predecessors, the Handy-Lift LT comes with two wireless remote key fobs, one for everyday use and an extra, with which you or your road trip partner can independently raise or lower the platform at a controlled speed. For your safety and peace of mind, this Handy Lift also features an attachable stainless-steel assist handle. When you’re done using the lift platform, simply fold and lock it into your RV for safe storage. The strong, rigid construction makes it easy for you to enter and exit using your RV or motorhome lift safely.

Features and Benefits of Handy Lift LT

  • 12-volt heavy duty DC motor
  • 25 x 26 platform
  • Platform lifts up to 300 pounds up to 30″ on a 251/2″ x 26″ platform in less than a minute (not designed to accommodate wheelchairs)
  • Standard vertical stroke lengths of 40”, 45” or 50”
  • Extended lengths: 40”-100.5”/ 45”-110.5”/ 50”-120.5”
  • Retracted lengths: 40”-68.5”/ 45”-73.5”/ 50”-78.5”
  • Rugged construction of aircraft aluminum, stainless steel and plated steel
  • Exterior aluminum tubing in satin black anodized finish
  • Cable control
  • Two remote control fobs
  • Stainless steel hand rail included
  • Mounting brackets included*

*Customization may be required for your particular RV. Talk over your RV details with a member of our staff to learn more.

CAUTION! Handy Lift is intended to assist a “standing” person (holding on to the handrail) into the door opening of a Recreational Vehicle. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a person attempt to use this rv lift while “seated” on a scooter or any type of wheelchair! If you’re looking for a wheelchair lift, please just contact us directly for guidance.

The Handy-Lift LT has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. If you’re interested in a higher weight capacity platform with otherwise similar features and characteristics, scroll down and check out the Handy-Lift HD.

Handy Lift HD

Now you can have total independence and enjoy RV living to the maximum with the all new Burr 500 lb capacity Handy-Lift HD. The Burr Handy Lift HD is designed to help disabled people enter an RV or motorhome. It has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs., and can be controlled using a wireless remote. You can simply get onto the electric lift platform and raise or lower it as desired with the touch of a button. A foldable handle on the side of the platform helps to stabilize you and make sure that you use the lift safely. The entire unit can be folded up during travel.

This new personal platform lift from Burr Engineering will raise you from ground level to the entrance of your RV safely and at a controlled speed. It eliminates the struggles, apprehension, and physical exertion that you may have experienced in the past just to gain entrance to your vehicle.

Features and Benefits of the Handy Lift HD

  • 12 Volt Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Two Remote Control Fobs
  • 25 x 26 Platform
  • Mounting Brackets Included*
  • Standard Stroke 40” – Custom Strokes Available
  • Overall Size With 40” Stroke: 68” Retracted and 108” Extended
  • Rugged Construction of Aircraft Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Plated Steel
  • remote key fobs
  • Exterior Aluminum Tubing in Satin Black Anodized Finish
  • Special Exterior Colors Available Call for Information

What to expect after purchase:

With an electric RV lift from Burr, you’ll be travelling with ease in no time. Our lifts from motorhomes are more than typical RV step lifts; they’re advanced and easy-to-operate tools for getting back on the road!

Shipping & Installation
When you order one of our platform lifts, we can have it shipped directly to your door with all of the necessary parts and a comprehensive one-year warranty.

While each of our RV lifts does come with a comprehensive set of installation instructions, we recommended having a professional perform the installation for safety reasons. If you’d like, we can give the contact information for a trusted installer in your area to make sure that your mobile lift is assembled to operate correctly!

Click here to view the installation instructions and owner’s manual:

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