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Hybrid Inside Platform Lifts

Access Mobility Equipment has a wide range of “hybrid lifts”. “Hybrid Vehicle Lifts” are lifts are designed to have the chair loaded outside the vehicle, but actually carry the chair inside the vehicle. Carrying your powered wheelchair or mobility scooter inside your van or SUV is wise step to protect your mobility equipment from the weather and highway elements.

Below, you will see that we carry hybrid lifts by the two premier manufacturers of vehicle lifts for mobility equipment in the USA today. We are proud to support and provide a line of hybrid vehicle lifts from Harmar Mobility and Pride Silver Star Mobility. These lifts are available with a variety of features for both safety and convenience.

Because there are so many possible combinations of mobility device brands/models and vehicle makes/models, we prefer to speak to you directly to select the vehicle lift that best fits your combined vehicle and mobility device needs, sizes, features, etc. Feel free to purchase online if you wish. We will follow-up with you via telephone call to verify that everything is perfect for you.

Harmar AL600
Harmar AL600

Harmar AL600 Lift
The Universal Powerchair Hybrid Platform Lift raises and secures powered wheelchairs and scooters into the back of your vehicle. The lift attaches to existing third row seating mounts in the back of most SUV’s, vans, minivans and even some station wagons. The lift itself is stored in the back of the vehicle, and the remote hand control powers the lift outward, lowers it to the ground where you drive the power wheelchair on to the lift. It is then secured with three straps, and you use the remote control to lift the unit and bring it into the vehicle. Generally requires NO bolting to the vehicle floor, unlike other lifts.

Pride Silver Star Backpacker PlusPride Backpacker Plus

Pride Backpacker Plus
The Backpacker unit holds your scooter or power wheelchair inside your vehicle for safe keeping, and easily mounts to the existing floor latches when the rear seat is removed, so there are no holes to drill or modifications to your vehicle. And the battery pack means you don’t have to wire it to your car battery either. Just pop it in and go! The fully automatic single button lift operation means there is no work on your part…the lift moves outward, lowers to the ground, then moves up and into the vehicle entirely on its own. And now the Backpacker Plus features a manual override. Fits in most mini-vans. Please note that if you have one of the newer mini-vans with the third seat that folds into the floor, the Backpacker can still work with no drilling. It will require a modification kit that we can provide at no charge when you order the unit.

Harmar AL625 Vehicle Lift for Powered Wheelchair Scooter
Harmar AL625

Harmar AL625 Hybrid Lift
The AL625 Hybrid Van Lift provides easy drive-on, drive-off convenience for power chairs and/or mobility scooters. This is a compact hybrid lift and is compatible with most enclosed vehicles. The installation of this lift is made easy by using the existing seat mounts, this means no drilling or any other vehicle modifications are necessary. A wireless remote comes with the unit for easy operation. Need a higher weight capacity lift? We also offer a Heavy Duty optional upgrade with 400 lbs. weight capacity.

What Makes This Different
The AL625 has a depth of only 45″ and the required headroom is only 37.25″, making this the most compact hybrid lift available.

Why We Like It
The AL625 Hybrid Van Lift is ideal for minivans and full-size vans and fits virtually all power chairs and scooters.
This compact design allows for the second row seating to remain in place.

Pride Backpacker MV LIft
Pride Backpacker MV

Pride Backpacker MV Hybrid Lift
Now you can take your mobility on the road easily in your Sport Utility Vehicle with the Backpacker MV from Pride™ Lifts and Ramps. It’s the ultimate solution to lifting your powered mobility device into your vehicle, engineered specifically to be a perfect fit for a wide variety of popular vehicles including SUVs.

Like all Pride Lifts, the Backpacker MV features all-steel construction and a protective finish, along with an industrial rated 12 volt motor and battery pack, and easy-to-use controls to combine rugged durability with safe, simple and reliable operation.

Pride Backpacker AVP

Pride Backpacker AVP
The Pride Backpacker AVP is a great solution for loading and unloading your scooter or power wheelchair into the cargo area of your SUV or mini-van. It has an adjustable platform for smaller SUVs, fitting into several popular models that no other vehicle lift can fit into. This lift can fit into the Acura MDX, Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, Lexus GX470, Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota 4Runner, however some mobility units will not fit on this lift, please check with our customer service specialist to determine if this is the right lift for you.

The Backpacker AVP features an all-steel construction with a protective finish and a 12 volt motor and battery pack. The two button hand control is easy to use and requires no manual work and with its 350 lb. weight capacity you can take your mobility unit with you wherever you go.