Wheelchair Trailer

Trailer to Carry Wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters

Freedom Wheelchair Trailer

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Freedom Wheelchair Trailer Features and Benefits

  • Made in the USA from true steel for a stronger frame and better welds
  • 5 year complete warranty (compare this to others and see it’s GREAT!
  • Aluminum skinned steel frame will not rust or oxidize over time
  • 450 pound carrying capacity (heavy duty capacities available)
  • B Class 12″ tires for highway speed safety and rated for 1000 pounds
  • Applies 50 pounds or less on your vehicle’s hitch – even a class 1 is enough
  • Independent torsion spring axles protect your scooter from a bumpy ride
  • Stylish black frame and diamond plate trim package looks great (compare to others!)
  • Lightweight fold down ramp in the back for easy scooter or wheelchair loading
  • Cargo box carries your FREE weather cover, tie down straps, and other cargo
  • Full size spare tire and wheel mount to side of trailer

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For a long time, we have heard from literally hundreds of customers that were looking for an affordable trailer that could be used to carry powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Many people have smaller cars, motorcycles, hybrid cars, etc. and could not use one of the hitch mounted carriers or lifts because of the low tongue weight capacity of their vehicle. Others just simply wanted to be able to easily switch between one vehicle and another because they did not want the expense of having to put a lift or carrier on two vehicles.

Freedom Wheelchair Trailer is a trailer that is designed to carry any powered wheelchair or mobility scooter, behind or towed by any vehicle. Our customers find that they are happily and safely able to tow the Freedom Wheelchair trailer with cars such as the Toyota Camry Hydrid, motorcycle, a Volkswagen Beetle, and even a Smart Car have been the vehicle of choice of some of our previous customers.

Enclosed Trailer to Carry Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter

Do you think you need an enclosed wheelchair trailer? …..

We’ve had customers request a trailer that has a cover or lid on the trailer. We have sold both types of trailers in the past. Here are some important considerations:

  • Some customers report that in snow or ice environments, the lid is becomes either frozen in the down position against the rubber gasket, or the weight of the snow on the lid makes it too heavy to lift.
  • Some customers with particularly small vehicles or motorcycles report that the aerodynamics of the taller trailer and lid affect the vehicle’s operation and performance.
  • Many customers report difficulty seeing over or around the lid while operating their smaller cars that sit lower.
  • One lady said “I feel like I am towing a dumpster behind my car”.
  • We provide a FREE heavy duty weather cover with a felt backing inside. This cover will not blow off or fly apart at highway speeds. The draw string zip cord at the bottom holds it secure on your scooter or wheelchair. This cover is routinely sold online for $150+. It’s yours FREE with your Freedom Wheelchair Trailer. This is not a cheap grill cover. It is made here in the USA to the highest quality standards possible.

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